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This company has a wide range of products including those containing Gamma Linolenic Acid, Evening Primrose Oil, Linseed Oil, Fish Oils, Flaxseed Oils and Omega 3, 6 & 9. Fats are integral to cell membrane and hence for the maintenance of skin elasticity and growth. Having the correct balance of fatty acids within the body is vital. The omega 3, 6 and 9 families of fatty acids are involved in many biochemical processes within the body and are therefore important for maintaining health. Fish oils are an important part of a healthy diet for adults and children and teenagers alike. So much so that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) suggest that fish should be eaten every week (for girls they recommend 2 portions of fish a week and up to 4 portions for boys). The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oils have beneficial effects on many body systems. They help maintain healthy skin and joints, have been suggested to play a role in concentration and overall brain function and are useful in maintaining a healthy heart. It is now more important than ever to acquire good quality sources of fatty acids, particularly those found in fish oils and Biocare's fish oil products are independently tested for contaminants such as PCB's, heavy metals and other organic contaminants.

Biocare's innovative Dricelle is a unique process that locks microscopically small droplets of essential fatty acids into a 'micelle', coated first with natural oil of lemon and then with a dry oligosaccharide powder. The Dricelle process provides the means by which large doses of essential nutritional oils can be taken in a palatable form with enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Biocare's essential fatty acids are available in vegetable capsules, powder form, or liquid form.

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