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Badger Balms evolved with a unique family based story, New Hampshire, US. Natural Preparations, made from organic, wild crafted or otherwise ecologically produced natural materials, formulated with care. Whether you need to de-stress, relax or soothe your headache there is a Badger Mind Balm for you. 100% natural they are also the first Badger range to be certified at least 80% organic each containing Organic extra virgin Olive oil and Golden Yellow Beeswax. Packaged in beautifully illustrated 1oz tins, these Aromatherapy balms use the fragrance of pure essential oils bypass the conscious mind and soothe the emotions on a deeper levels. A range of gorgeous, unique balms

INCLUDING: Sleep balm: A calming sleep enhancer, reducing stress. Sore Muscle Rub, alleviating the strains of work. Foot Balm, for tired feet. Perfect for all the family, as a natural body ointment. Organic Soap: Bedtime, Sport, Healing Hand and Beauty Bar.Support organic, fair trade and indigenous agriculture helping to heal the environment

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