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Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils

Aniseed Aniseed £4.35 Free Delivery Benzoin Oil Benzoin Oil £6.78 Free Delivery Cedarwood Oil Cedarwood Oil £2.99 Free Delivery Clarysage Clarysage £2.99 Free Delivery Cypress Oil Cypress Oil £3.99 Free Delivery Fennel Oil Fennel Oil £3.59 Free Delivery Juniper Oil Juniper Oil £6.28 Free Delivery Tea Tree Professional Oil Tea Tree Professional Oil £4.50 Free Delivery

Welcome to Body & Soul Health Shop. We stock the complete range of Power Health's aromatherapy products, including Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils. Buy online or call Free Phone 0808 144 0842.

Essential Oils are a concentrated, hydrophobic liquid. They contain compounds which have been extracted from plants. They are called essential oils because of the fragrant essence they get from plants they are extracted from. They are also known as Ethereal Oils or Volatile Oils.

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