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A Vogel (Bioforce)

A Vogel (Bioforce)

All About A Vogel

For natural herbs and herbal remedies one of the leading and most history rich manufacturer out there is A Vogel. Whether you're fighting a cold, helping your immune system with an all-important boost or even require something for your faithful dog - you'll find it here!

The history of A Vogel dates right back to 1923, when the founder (Alfred Vogel) began to prepare his own remedies to sell to customers. The Swiss nutritionist soon became one of the most experienced in his field and even had a monthly magazine based on the subject area.

Herbal remedies

With all the chemicals in medicines around the world these days it is sometime difficult to decide on which one to take. Well have you ever thought natural could be the best way? After all, some of the plants used in these medicines have been taken for thousands of years by our ancestors.

Here at World Wide Shopping Mall we stock a huge range of these herbal remedies. From Chamomile to Dandelion, P-Ho to Saw Palmetto; just take a look in the various categories to find something that will help with your ailment.

Flower Essences

Whilst A Vogel is very popular for their remedies, they also produce other fantastic health products including Flower Essences that help with emotional balance in times of stress, worry and others. Some of these favourites include Emergency Essence, Vitality Essence and Confidence Essence.

Try it at home!

For a real feel of natural healthy living why not try to sprout your very own seedling with the BioSnacky Germinators and seed kits. You don't have to be a gardener for this, just follow the instructions and you will soon have delicious Alfafla, Broccoli and more for your lunchtime snack. These little seedlings will be packed full of organic goodness that you are sure to feel the benefits from.


A Vogel Menopause Support 60 Tablets £14.99 A Vogel BioSnacky Small Germinator Jar £7.99 A Vogel Passiflora Complex 50ml £9.99 A Vogel Avena Sativa Oat Drops 50ml £11.99 A Vogel Menoforce Sage 90 TABLETS £30.99 Jan de Vries Emergency Essence 30ml £5.44 A Vogel Bio Propolis Ointment 2g £6.99 A Vogel Neem Care Cream 50g £7.26

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