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Lifestyle Supplements

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Our Lifestyle Supplements covers a wide variety of health products that help with many different problems. From hayfever to slimming, menopause to snoring; the list really could go on! For extra choice we stock a range of different brands as we know many customers would prefer high-end and high potency tablets, where as other require something more affordable. Healthcare brand names include Health Aid, Power Health, A Vogel, Vitabiotics and more. This section covers supplements for more sensitive issue too so the 'For Women' and 'For Men' section is definitely worth a look.


Detox your body and help remove nasty toxins from your system with the products within the 'Detox and Cleansing' section. There are simple daily supplements to help support a healthy bowel, and even detox programs that help to clear out your system within a specific time frame.

Immune System

Our immune system takes a vital role in our body, if it's maintained well we can fight of disease and infection including the common cold. With the products in this category your body can get that extra immune boost it needs. Top products include Colloidal Silver, Shark Cartilage and Kidz Probio (for children). Don't forget though, it's important to keep a healthy diet too to keep things in tip-top shape.


Slimming can be a tough road but we stock a selection of slimming supplement here at World Wide Shopping Mall that could help make things a little easier. Many of these contain a combination of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and some even have plant extracts to help with that fight against fat.


If you're the victim of a snorer, or you suffer from snoring yourself then this category will be a welcomed relief. We have nasal strips, spray and even a ring that can be worn at night to reduce the unpleasant sound. It may be that your partner just wants to block the sounds out, in which case the earplugs are perfect.


For menopause, pregnancy sex performance and more take a browse through 'For Women' and For Men'. A selection of herbal remedies and supplements that will help in times of frustration and possibly embarrassment.


Rhynil Spray for Nose & Mouth 35ml £16.99 Snore Calm Foam Ear Plugs 5 PAIRS £4.99 Optima Musselflex GEL Green Lipped Mussel Extract with Glucosamine 125ml (1 PACK) £7.50 HealthAid Acidophilus Plus 4 Billion 60 Vegicaps £11.99 HealthAid Menovital 60 tablets £9.99 HealthAid Prostavital 30 capsules £11.99 nature Medical Pomi-T 60 Vegetal Gelatin CAPSULES £17.90 Nozovent Stop Snoring- LARGE £17.99

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