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Hair, Skin and Nails Care

Hair, Skin and Nails Care

Hair, Skin and Nails at WWSM

We offer a wide selection of products ranging from high-end to affordable skincare. We stock various brands including Badger Balm, Nature Knows Best and DermaNova. If your skin is feeling run down and weathered, or the soles of your feet are aching - you are sure to find a product that will help in this section.

Great skin, glowing hair and a healthy look is all important to feeling great, and maybe even winning that all important job contract! It's strange what the power of confidence can do to us - but with some of these products you can help bring it back to full power by looking and feeling great.

Skin conditions comes in all shapes and sizes, it can be dry, flaky or sensitive. The list really could go on! The first stop for conditions like this would be to the Balms and Ointments shelf, where we stock a variety of natural substances that can help. Our favorite in this shelf is the Chili Muscle Rub, or 'Hot Balm' as some of you know it by; this will help warm your muscle up if you are suffering from muscular aches and pains.

For nailcare you will find the popular Nutra Nail brand within this section. This American company is one of the top choices for those who frequently suffer from nail problems. The range covers strengtheners, hardeners and formulas to help with brittle nails. They are quick and easy to apply and will soon have them restored back to full health.

This Hair, Skin and Nail Care category is very vast so there is sure to be something that can help. The wide selection of natural products that we stock are perfect for those who suffer from sensitive skin and delicate hair.


Sudden Change All Day Under Eye Firming Serum 7ml £15.99 Power Health Chilli Muscle Rub (VERY HOT BALM) - 30g £7.80 Sudden Change All Day Under Eye Firming Serum 1.18ml £5.99 Sudden Change Hair Off Facial Buffer £7.99 HealthAid HairVit 90 Capsules £20.99 Power Health Pilewort Balm -30ml £6.99 HealthAid Oro-Tan Sun Tanning 60 tablets £12.79 HealthAid Pure Emu Oil 50ml £13.99

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