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Biocare Vitamins

All About BioCare

BioCare is a health supplement company based in the UK with over 25 years of industry experience. Over these years they have provided us with high quality and effective health products that customers have kept coming back for. BioCare were founded 'by practitioners, for practitioners' so they go to every length to ensure the ingredients sourced are of the highest quality. Their range of health supplements is very vast, ranging from vitamins and minerals through to fatty acids and probitotics.

From time to time we all need some form of vitamin or mineral boost. Some of us may require it for medical reasons such as a deficiency; others may feel like it benefits their health and well-being. Whichever category you fall under, BioCare have it covered with their selection of vitamin supplements. We have the common vitamin C, B, D and many more. For minerals you will find calcium, zinc, magnesium... Everything your body needs to keep your body running smoothly when combined with a healthy diet.

If you find your digestive health is not on top form then it may be wise to try out a probiotic. As you know, healthy bacteria plays a huge roll in how well our digestive system works, so if these are dropping to low levels and need a helping boost one of these probiotic supplements from BioCare could really do the trick.

Other products available within the BioCare range include Cranberry, Ginkgo, Garlic, Saw Palmetto and many, many more. All are designed with your health and well-being in mind, to help boost and support your body's natural defences.


Biocare Adult Multivitamins & Minerals 30 Vegicaps £10.99 Biocare Spectrumzyme 90 Veg Caps £26.50 Biocare Vitasorb E 15ml £10.99 Biocare Copper Gluconate 90 Tablets £10.99 Patrick Holford Brain Food 60 Capsules £17.56 Patrick Holford Brain Food 120 Capsules £32.09 Patrick Holford Connect 90 Capsules £25.21 Patrick Holford Advanced Optimum Nutrition With Brain Food 30 Days £51.20

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