Rhynil Spray for Nose & Mouth 35ml

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Brand: Rhynil

Rhynil Spray for nose & Mouth

Nasal stuffiness and palatal flutter are common causes of snoring. Rhynil is a tea coloured natural spray for the nose and mouth. It reduces the inflammation in the nose, tightens the tissues of the soft palate and also helps to reduce catarrh. It may take a week to build up to maximum effect and must be used twice daily. The bottle dispenses approximately 350 sprays, enough for 4 weeks treatment.
Rhynil spray is made entirely from a natural herb: Euphrasia Officinalis: commonly known as Eyebright. The formulation of Rhynil was originally proposed by a member of the Institute of Medical Herbalists in 1992 and was introduced as Snore Calm Herbal Spray. Due to its astringent properties, this herbal spray is used to treat snoring caused by 'palatal flutter'. Rhynil is applied to both the nose and the roof of the mouth. It is a stronger formula than the original Snore Calm Herbal Spray. Because Rhynil also has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties it is very useful in countering infectious conditions in the sinuses and nasal passages and is extremely effective in reducing catarrh.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Euphrasia Tincture, (alcoholic solution of Euphrasia herb). OTHER INGREDIENTS: Water for dilution, Citric Acid and Disodium Orthophosphate to adjust the acidity/alkalinity, and Potassium sorbate to preserve the spray for 2 months after first opening.
Use regularly for continued effect. After opening use within 2 months.
1) Shake the bottle. 2) With the head tilted slightly backwards spray the solution twice into each nostril and twice onto the roof of the mouth. It helps to close the other nostril with your finger. Breathe in gently while spraying. 3) IMPORTANT: Repeat the treatment last thing at night AND first thing in the morning. It may take up to a week to obtain maximum effect. 4) The pump head dispenses approximately O.1ml per spray. Do not exceed the stated dose.
Keep out of the reach of children. Store below 25°C. Use only to spray the nose and roof of the mouth.

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Rhynil Spray for Nose & Mouth 35ml

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