Weleda Rhinodoron Nasal Spray 20ml

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Brand: Weleda

Rhinodoron Nasal Spray

Rhinodoron Nasal Spray clears blocked, stuffy noses and is ideal for the hay fever season. It cleans the nasal passages, flushing out pollens and allergens and is made from 100% natural ingredients with organic aloe vera for a long lasting moisturising effect. Rhinodoron nasal spray keeps nasal passages moist when the air is dry, in dusty environments, air conditioned offices or planes. It sooths irritation or soreness caused by chlorinated swimming pools.
Rhinodoron Nasal Spray. Rhinodoron contains aloe vera gel in an isotonic salt solution. This means that the salt content of the product is adjusted to match that of the body's fluids, so the solution is well tolerated by the mucous membranes.

Rhinodoron is ideal to clear, moisturise and care for the nasal passages, particularly in cases of dry nasal mucosa or build up of dry crusts.

Rhinodoron can be used equally to keep the nasal passages moist when the air is dry, for example in air-conditioned offices or apartments or in the winter and hay fever seasons. Above all Rhinodoron is ideal for the hygienic care of the nasal passages of infants who cannot blow their noses.

Rhinodoron can be used long term.

Weleda medicines were developed by doctors practising anthroposcopic medicine, to provide an extension to the conventional medicines available to them. The anthroposophic approach to medical care is a holistic one, which aims to treat the whole person and not just the illness or symptoms.

The main aim of anthroposophic medicine is to stimulate the natural healing forces within the human being. It has developed from the initial work of Dr Rudolf Steiner and Dr Ita Wegman which explored how man's soul and spiritual nature relates to the health and function of the physical body.
See nutritional advice.
1ml solution contains: Sodium chloride 5mg, Potassium chloride 5mg, Aloe vera gel 5mg, Water for injections (approx 150 sprays per 20ml). Suitable for vegetarians and vegans and also those on a gluten free diet.
Before use: clean the nose carefully, remove protective cap, hold the spray vertically and press the spray head until spray appears to prime the bottle.

After use: wipe the spray head after each application and immediately replace the protective cap.

ADULTS and CHILDREN (over 6 years): apply 2-6 times per day. 1-2 sprays in each nostril. Introduce the spray head into one nostril. Keep the bottle vertical. Spray deep into the nostril by pressing the spray head once. It is recommended to breathe in through this nostril while holding the other closed. Repeat the application in the other nostril.

INFANTS and CHILDREN (1 to 6 years): apply 2-6 times per day. 1 spray in each nostril. Lay the child down and turn the head on one side. Spray deep into the nostril by pressing the spray head once. Repeat the application in the other nostril.
Rhinodoron should not be used after nasal operations or accidents involving the nose of if sensitive to aloe vera. Keep all medicines out of the sight and reach of children.

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