Comvita UMF 10+ Active Manuka Honey 250g

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Brand: Comvita

Manuka Honey Active UMF10+

This Manuka Honey has a UMF rating of 10 and higher which is a superior UMF activity for digestive maintenance. Comvita Manuka Honey UMF10+ is guaranteed to be at least UMF 10 and has been verified by an independent laboratory to have proven levels of unique activity which was first identified by Dr Peter Molan at New Zealand's Waikato University. Only some Manuka honeys from New Zealand have this special activity which has now gained a world-wide reputation for its value in both skin care and maintenance of digestive health.
Specifically aimed at people with digestive disorders by providing symptomatic relief from gastritis and stomach ulcers.
Research by Dr Peter Molan has shown that UMF Manuka Honey kills the bacteria Helicobacter pylori which is commonly associated with stomach ulcers. Comvita uses special processing techniques to preserve Manuka Honey's exceptional health-giving properties ensuring that you receive this product in optimum condition, in its raw state with UMF activity intact.
Honey 100%
For preferred honey consistency warm to soften, refrigerate to firm.
Take 1-2tsp half an hour before meals.

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