Sudden Change Hair Off Mitten

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Brand: Sudden Change

Hair Off Mitten

The Sudden change Hair Off Mitten is a tool to remove hair from your legs without the need for waxing, shaving or other chemical solutions. So you can say no to shaving nicks, nasty cream smells and stubble. Instead the Hair Off Mitten gently massages away the hair quickly and easily leaving your legs hairless and soft and silky. This is all down to the unique Silcoat finish to each mitten which removes unwanted hair and gets rid of dry flaky skin all in one go. New hair grown also appears slower, finer and not so noticeable. It is a very convenient solution which can also be used in between other types of hair removal, to deal with that troublesome stubble for instance. Each mitten is designed to be used on both legs up to 2 times all depending how thick your hair is.
Hair Off Mitten:
  • For use in between shaving with easy, quick results
  • A more gentle solution with no pain or cuts
  • SilCoat™ finish is the hair removal buffer
  • Smells lovely of fresh cucumber melon
  • Plus Aloe to condition
  • 3 Mittens in each pack
Place your hand inside the Mitten and gently massage a small area of skin on the legs. Alternate between clockwise and counter clockwise motions without lifting the Mitten off the skin. BEFORE USING for the first time: Read enclosed directions carefully and completely.
Take care during use as excessive rubbing may cause abrasion to the skin. Do not stroke up and down or apply too much pressure. Do not use near eyes. Do not use on damaged or broken skin. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Keep away from children.

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