Dr Atkins Age-Defying Diet Revolution

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Dr Atkins Age-Defying Diet Revolution

Dr Atkins Age-Defying Diet Revolution. Feel Great, Live Longer. Research has shown that 70 per cent of the signs of ageing are determined by lifestyle and are therefore within our control. Using his proven programme of diet and vita-nutrient supplementation, Dr Atkins helps you defy the ageing process by reducing many of the risks of diseases responsible for premature ageing.
In this groundbreaking book, bestselling author and cardiologist, Dr Atkins, explains how to tailor your diet to defy the ageing process Dr Atkins Age-Defying Diet Revolution explains the basic Age-Defying Diet Plan and offers advice on tailoring your diet, including:

How to find your greatest risk factors
How to select the most successful diet for you
How to modify and fine-tune your diet
How to use antioxidants to defy ageing

Dr Atkins presents a symptom-by-symptom discussion of the specific signs of ageing and their causes, then continues with a comprehensive run-down of recent breakthroughs in age-defying medicine.

Dr Robert C. Atkins is the founder and medical director of the Atkins Centre for Complementary Medicine. Now one of the most recognised doctors for diet, nutritional and natural medicine, his books have been international bestsellers, with over io million copies sold worldwide.
Dr Atkins

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