Cherry Essentials Cherry Capsules with Phytoplankton 30 Capsules

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Brand: Cherry Essentials

Cherry Capsules with Phytoplankton

Red Tart Cherry Powder is made from 100% freeze – dried, 100% natural, additive free Montmorency Cherries & 100% Marine Phytoplankton with all its natural ingredients. Conservation Grade Marine Phytoplankton is probably the only life supporting whole food that contains vegetarian Omega 3 EPA, Omega 3 DHA and Omega 6 GLA - these are the three most desirable Omega 3 fatty acids.
Cherry Essentials Capsules are made from 100% Montmorency cherry powder. No other additives or fillers are added. The cherries are freeze-dried to maintain shelf life and the high antioxidant qualities. By freeze-drying the Phytoplankton the natural goodness is maintained This conservation process maintains cell structure without any degradation. In contrast, undue heat used in flash or spray drying can damage the fragile and complex nutrients contained in this unique organism. Marine Phytoplankton has evolved over three billion years and has never been exposed to temperatures higher than those found in the Ocean. We understand and preserves the integrity of this gift from Nature.
Montmorency Cherry Powder, Marine Phytoplankton
Each 50mg of phytoplankton delivers the following...Omega Gold Analysis
Store Cherry Essential Capsules in a cool, dry place

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