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The Online Chemist

A place where you can find products to help you with everything from coughs and colds through to bad breath and constipation. The wide selection of products available includes popular brands such as Tena Lady, Flexitol, Calpol, Oxy and many more. With such a selection of healthcare categories to choose from I have picked out some of the most popular and customer favourites.

Digestion and Stomach

We all get tummy upsets or heartburn from time to time but usually it is something that passes quickly without the need of medical treatment. However, is you find these moments uncomfortable whilst you are going about your daily life then here are some products that could help. Key items include Gaviscon and Rennie.

Baby and Child Medicines

It's so upsetting seeing your little one feeling under the weather, but the minor things are usually natural and after a little TLC they will be feeling right as rain again. One of the most common ailments in children is a nasty cough, but you'll find a number of items here that can help. Brands include Calpol, Detinox and the popular Infacol, which is used to help relieve Colic within infants.


From minor blemishes, sore lips or cracked heels this is a one-stop shop for anything skin related. The famous Sudocrem is here, and Vaseline and Nivea too; but our most popular item to customers is the Flexitol range which helps with cracked heels and rough hands by acting as a moisturiser and giving the nutrients the effected areas crave. For more foot care products take a look at the Scholl Foot Care category.

This list really could go on with the vast Online Chemist section but why not take a browse or even use the search facility within our website. Other key sections include Dental, First Aid, Hair Cars and Allergies.


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A selection of Top Brands available to buy online or instore