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For something so small a baby needs a lot of stuff when you leave the house! Just traveling to the local shops can sometimes seem like a mammoth task. Car seats, pushchairs, bags of nappies, bottles, the list of things you need goes on. So what if you are going away on holiday for a few weeks what do you need to take with you? Do you have a lightweight stroller to take instead or your heavy pram? If you are flying does you little one need to travel in a car seat or will they be sitting on your lap? Lots of questions and hopefully we will have some answers for you.

Here in the Baby Shop at WWSM we have products designed to make traveling with your baby just that little bit less stressful and a bit more enjoyable. These travel products have been divided into categories on shelves; please see below for a more detailed look at what we have to offer on these shelves.

In the car…

The choice of car seats on the market today is huge and can be quite complicated. The best thing is to decide your budget and then go for the best available seat within that budget; be warned you will need to purchase a number of car seats before your child is old enough and big enough to ride in a car with just a seat belt. Take a look at the Nunu Autofix Fast Car Seat from Chicco, the ultimate car seat for ease of use and comfort. Once a car seat has been purchased take a look on the Car Seat Accessories shelf for some more useful products like travel pillows and seat belt positioners.

On the In Car Accessories shelf we stock a range of sun shades that attach easily to the windows in your car to protect little eyes from a glaring sun, the Winnie the Pooh Sunscreen is very cute and will give baby and children something to look at while traveling. We also have ‘Baby on Board’ signs, mirrors that attach to the rear view mirror so you can check on your child whilst you are driving and the very clever Stuff n Scuff Seat Back Protector that fits onto the back of the front seats and acts as a handy storage pocket but also protects the seat upholstery from dirty feet!

On the go…

Baby Wearing is becoming more and more popular. On the Baby Carriers shelf you can find a selection of carriers that will enable you to ‘wear your baby’! The Carramio Baby Carrier by Clippasafe is available in three colours, black, oatmeal and beige and can carry baby in two positions. It has been designed with comfort in mind for both parent and baby.

The Chicco brand has a great selection of travel products on the Chicco Travel shelf. You can choose from car seats, baby carriers, strollers and prams. The Snappy Stroller is lightweight and ideal for those that always seem to be in a rush as it can be put up in seconds!

Once you have a pushchair, stroller or pram you can have fun choosing from some of the many products on the Pushchair Accessories shelf. There really is a product for everything. There are Toy Ties that fasten to the stroller frame and toy to stop favourite toys being lost while out. Also the RayShade by Summer Infant which attaches very easily to a pushchair and shields baby from up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays, what a great product.

On the Rain Covers shelf you will find a number of rain covers for strollers, prams and car seats. If you happen to loose the rain cover that came with your stroller then these universal fit ones from Clippasafe are a great replacement.

We really hope you enjoy looking at all of the Travel products we have to offer here in the Baby Shop at WWSM and hope that you can find just what you are looking for.


Clippasafe Car Fun Sun Shades (2 PACK) £4.70 Clippasafe Roller Sun Blind (2 PACK) £7.99 Clippasafe Toy Ties (ASSORTED COLOUR) £4.40 Diono Stuff n Scuff Seat Back Protector £11.40 Clippasafe Baby on Board Sign £3.99 Clippasafe Universal Pram & Carrycot Raincover Large £12.48 Clippasafe Pram Raincover Medium £12.89 Sunshine Kids Cool Shade Car Blinds 2 Pack £3.61

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