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Raincovers and Other Accessories for Buggies, Prams & Pushchairs

Infant Car Seat Raincover Infant Car Seat Raincover £9.99 Pram Raincover Pram Raincover £12.48 Splash & Play Suit Splash & Play Suit £9.67

Look on this shelf for Rain covers for your pram or buggy. Considering the normal British summer weather a rain cover for baby’s buggy is a vital piece of equipment, don’t leave home without one as a wet and cold grumpy baby will make sure that you have a stressful, miserable day. On this shelf you will find a rain cover for almost every type of buggy, pram, pushchair or car carry seat. If you take one of these covers along with you not only will you protect your baby from the rain you will also protect the fabric of your pram and keep it looking clean and bright.

Also on this shelf you will find a Rayshade UV Stroller Shade by Summer Infant. Summer days are not always rainy, occasionally we will get a beautiful sunny and bright day and then you will need to shade your baby from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. This shade is easy to attach to your buggy and can be adjusted to control the amount of sun that your baby is exposed to. Last but not least if you have a lively toddler who just loves jumping in puddles and playing out in the rain then this waterproof suit is the one to choose. With a hood and elasticated cuffs your child will stay warm and dry, even when helping dad to wash the car!

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