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Buggy Parasol Buggy Parasol £13.09 Clippasafe High Visibility Reflectors 2 Pack Clippasafe High Visibility Reflectors 2 Pack £4.98 Clippasafe Toy Ties Clippasafe Toy Ties £4.40 Pushchair Seat Liner Pushchair Seat Liner £12.58

Whether you’re dashing around those shops or just going for a leisurely walk you like to make sure you're set up for all conditions. On those hot summers days a sun shade can really benefit your child. They help to keep the bright sunlight out of their eyes and also offer a bit of shade from those hot rays. Or maybe it’s a cold winters day and your child feels the cold more when they’re just sat in the pushchair so a foot muff could really help keeping them snug and warm. Have a look and choose from our great range, we are sure we’ll have something to suit your needs.

Does your eldest child often complain they have tired legs? If so you might want to have a look at our range of buggy boards, they're practical as they don’t take up much room and won't affect your mobility in shops. But the best thing is, is that they’re fun! When you're 2 or 3 who could think of a better way to travel? Buggy boards - Feet muffs - Sun Shades – Harnesses – Counterweights all are in this section

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