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Baby On Board Sign Baby On Board Sign £3.99 Car Fun Sun Screens Car Fun Sun Screens £4.70 Clear View Baby Mirror Clear View Baby Mirror £12.05 SPECIAL OFFER Cool Shade Car Blinds Cool Shade Car Blinds £3.61 Person On Board Signs Person On Board Signs £2.99 Roller Blind Roller Blind £7.99 Stuff n Scuff Seat Back Protector Stuff n Scuff Seat Back Protector £11.40

When your child is travelling in the car you want to do everything you can to make sure they are comfortable. Things like the sun shining in their eyes can make the car journey unpleasant and there is a solution: sunshades are quick and easy to install and most of them can be transferred between windows and vehicles. This gives you the flexibility to move them to where the sun is bothering them most e.g. a child in a rear facing seat may benefit from one in the rear window, whereas a child in a forward-facing seat may benefit best from one on the door window.

It’s nice to have peace of mind isn’t it? And when you have started toilet training it’s sometimes hard to have that, especially on long journeys or if you’re stuck in traffic, it’s not always possible to stop or get out of your vehicle. The seat protector can save the car seats and make this a lot easier and less stressful with those unavoidable accidents. Or if your child has just moved into a seat where they have to use the adult seat belt they may find the seatbelt uncomfortable on their shoulder especially if you’re going on a long journey. To help make them feel more comfortable try our jazzy, colourful seatbelt wraparounds as they’re a lot softer than a harsh seat belt. In Car Accessories top brand products from Clippasafe, ABC and Sunshine Kids.

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