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Red Kite Feed Me Highchair Red Kite Feed Me Highchair £37.90

It comes to a stage in every baby’s life, when they are ready and need a high chair. When you buy your first high chair there will be few things that you might want to consider first, think about how much room you have.

If space is a problem then the folding high chair will be your best option as they fold quite narrow and will just move to the side or maybe into a under stairs cupboard etc. But if space isn’t a problem for you, then it’s always nice to have the option of being able to convert your high chair into a table and chair for when the child is a little older.

As you child gets older they might start to want to be more like Mummy and Daddy! This is a good thing; to help them feel more grown up when they can’t quite reach the table by themselves, why not try a booster seat. They simply fit to any dinning chair taking up absolutely no room at all, another plus factor is that they’re light and small so are great to take with you when you visit family or a restaurant for your tea.

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