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Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom

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Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom is an animated children's television show designed to capture the imagination of pre-schoolers. It is set in an enchanted magical kingdom, which is filled with fairies, elves and insects and was created in 2009 by Mark Baker and Neville Astley.

The Little Kingdom has the Meadow at its centre and various other locations are introduced throughout the episodes. The two title characters are the very best of friends. Princess Holly is a fairy who lives with her mum and dad, King and Queen Thistle, in the Little Castle. She is still learning to do magic properly but likes to use it despite the risk that things might go wrong. Ben is an elf who lives with his mum and dad and all the other elves in the Great Elf Tree. He wears a matching blue shirt and shorts with a blue triangular hat that has a leaf sticking out of the top. The friends can be seen exploring and helping other characters or learning such things like how to tell the time from their respective teachers, Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf. You can watch their adventures on Nick Jr or create your own with these mini soft toy versions of the popular characters.

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