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Waterproof Bed Protector Sheets

Hippychick Single Bed Waterproof Sheet Hippychick Single Bed Waterproof Sheet £26.79 Waterproof Cot Sheet Waterproof Cot Sheet £6.99

On this shelf you will find Waterproof Bed Protector Sheets, not very glamorous or expensive but very useful. When you buy your baby’s cot or a new bed for your toddler you will probably discover that the most expensive part is the mattress. When looked after properly mattresses can last a number of years. This is where the waterproof cover comes into its own.

We all know that children become dry at night as and when they are good and ready, even if they are lifted to use the toilet during the night they can still have an accident and wet the sheets and the mattress. If you use a waterproof sheet over the mattress it will protect it from becoming wet, after all it is easier to pop a sheet into the washer than it is to try and clean a soaking smelly mattress.

Not only will you find waterproof bed sheets on this shelf but also a waterproof sheet for a pram mattress because remember baby sleeps in a pram during the day and can soil that mattress too. There is no set time for your child to become dry through the night so save yourself a lot of money by using a Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet and a waterproof pram and cot sheet.

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