Clippasafe Plug Socket Covers (EU 2 Pin) 6 Pack

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Brand: Clippasafe

Plug Socket Inserts

An uncovered plug socket can look like a very inviting place for your toddler to poke his fingers into. He is doing what children do and that is investigating his surroundings he doesn’t know that he has picked just about the most dangerous place in the house to explore. Electricity and children don’t go together too well.

Available in either UK or EU versions (sold separately)

To avoid the obvious disaster fit Clippasafe Plug Socket Covers as soon as possible so providing your child with a safe place to play. Don’t just think about it do it as soon as possible, if not sooner.

  • These socket covers help prevent children from sticking their fingers into plug sockets.
  • Their special design enables them to be removed with the plug you need to use, which means no more broken finger nails.
  • Fits all exposed plug sockets.

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