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All about Feeding at WWSM

Food is the most important thing that you have to provide for your baby. At some times it seems like all they do is eat! Along with all this eating comes the need for some equipment to help you the parent and to ensure that baby grows up with an enjoyable image of food, eating and all that comes with it.

Here in the Baby Shop at WWSM we have many products designed to help with the very important job of feeding your baby. These feeding time products have been divided into categories on shelves; please see below for a more detailed look at what we have to offer on these shelves.

At some point the products on the Bibs and Muslins shelf will be very useful if not essential. Children are notoriously messy and so using a bib like the Tommee Tippee Comfi Neck Pelican Bib or the Amigo Catch All Bib which catches any crumbs would be a good idea.

If you decide that breastfeeding isn’t for you or you would like to mix feed then take a look on the Bottle Feeding shelf. Here you will find bottles and teats from some of the big brands including Chicco, Philips Avent, Breastflow, Dr Browns and MAM. The Chicco Well Being 100% BPA Bottle has an anti-colic silicone teat and is available in three designs, boy, girl and romantic.  We also have a number of different bottle and teat brushes to keep the bottles as clean as possible. We also have Bottle warmers, the Philips Avent Express Baby Bottle and Food Warmer is perfect for those middle of the night feeds as it is fast and easy to use.

If you have decided that you wish to try to breastfeed then there are a few products on the Breastfeeding Accessories shelf that may be useful. We also have a number of breast pumps which can be invaluable for tired mums as they allow you to express milk and have someone else feed the milk to baby. We have breast pumps from Philips Avent, Chicco, Medela and The First Years.

Once your baby reaches six months old you will be beginning to start them on solid food. This is a big milestone for your baby and for you as the parent. On the Baby Feeding Sets shelf you will find some items that can make this new task seem a little less daunting. Many mums buy ready made baby food and some make everything themselves or use a mixture of both, the choice is yours. Many of the bottle warmers on the Bottle Feeding Accessories shelf also double up as food warmers too which can make life even easier.

You will also need to take a look on the Highchairs and Booster Seats shelves. We stock a range of Chicco Highchairs some of which are suitable for newborn babies. We love the Polly 2 in 1 Highchair from Chicco which comes in four designs, and is very easy to use and clean. If space is at a premium then there are a number of booster seats that can be attached to a dining table chair or fastened directly to a dining table.

The Soothers shelf has plenty of soothers on it! Some babies take to a soother instantly, others do not. Whatever your decision is about using a soother or not we stock a range of soothers that have been approved by Dental Associations, which makes it one less thing to worry about. The Philips Avent ranges are very popular.

Until your baby is about 1 year old you will need to sterilise their bottles, teats, and soothers. On the Sterilising Equipment shelf you will find electric steam sterilizers from Avent, microwave sterilizers from Chicco and also steam sterilizing bags from Medela.

When a baby starts to get their first teeth it can be a very painful experience for both baby and parent, the Teethers shelf has some suitable products that will help comfort baby. The Chicco Fresh Relax Teething Ring has a handle for baby to hold whilst they are chewing on the cold, water filled ring that has a vanilla flavour, perfect to keep babies mind off their painful teeth.

We really hope you enjoy looking at all of the Feeding time products we have to offer here in the Baby Shop at WWSM and hope that you can find just what you are looking for.


NUK Genius Silicone Soother 0-6 Months (Size 1) 2 Pack £7.90 Nuby One Touch Electric Bottle & Food Warmer £18.99 NUK First Choice + Silicone Anti-Colic Teat 6-18 Months LARGE HOLE (2 PACK) £6.99 NUK Disney Winnie the Pooh Silicone Soother 6-18 Months Red/Green (SIZE 2) £6.99 Dr Browns Bottle Feeding Teat Stage 3 (2 PACK) £6.50 NUK First Choice + Plastic Bottle 0-6 Months 150ml (4 Pack) £16.99 NUK First Choice + Plastic Bottle 0-6 Months 150ml (2 Pack) £11.99 Dr Browns Bottle Feeding Teat Stage 1 (2 PACK) £6.50

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