Clippasafe EU Home Safety Starter Pack- 24 PIECE

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Brand: Clippasafe

EU Home Safety Starter Pack

When your child is small and learning to walk the home can seem like a wonderful playground to explore. His natural instinct is to closely inspect everything that he can lay his inquisitive little hands on. He will love to stick his tiny fingers into electrical sockets, he will persistently open cupboard doors, and the fridge door just because he can, then he will happily empty the contents onto the floor. The toilet will be his next port of call where he will contentedly paddle his hands in the water.

These activities are not exactly what you really want your child to do are they. If not then the Clippasafe Home Safety Starter Pack needs to be at the very top of your next shopping list.

Available in either EU 24 or 16 piece packs (sold separately)

Contents of the 24 piece EU pack includes:

  • 8 Plug Socket Covers (EU 2 Pin excluding Switzerland), 6 Cupboard / Drawer Locks (Screw Fix)
  • 4 Corner Cushions (Self Adhesive), 1 Long Multi-Purpose Lock (Self Adhesive), 2 Short Multi-Purpose Locks (Self Adhesive)
  • 1 Fridge/Freezer Lock (Self Adhesive), 1 Toilet Lock (Self Adhesive), 1 Door Stopper

Contents of the 16 piece EU pack includes:

  • 6 Plug Socket Covers (EU 2 Pin), 3 Cupboard / Drawer Locks (Self Adhesive), 4 Corner Cushions (Self Adhesive)
  • 1 Long Multi-Purpose Lock (Self Adhesive), 1 Short Multi-Purpose Lock (Self Adhesive), 1 Door Stopper

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