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Fleeced Sheep Rustling Board Game

At last a 'cracking' good old fashioned board game guaranteed to provide hours of fun for all the family . Based on the popular film characters Wallace and Gromit and gang this is a game of 'shear' frustration and great fun. The aim of the game is to re-capture all the sheep that have gone missing in and around West Wallaby Street.

To do this players must move around the board and round up all of the fugitive sheep from where they are hiding and herd them back to your home square. DON'T FORGET TO BLOW YOUR WHISTLE at every turn or the sheep will run back to the village green. It sounds easy doesn't it -wrong!- because the more sheep you have the more the other players will try to steal them from you so beware.

Contents:1 Gameboard, 6 Character Pieces, 6 Sheep Whistles, 1 Sheep Dip Bag, 40 Sheep Pieces, 50 Cheese Cards 7 Sheep Hideout Cards.

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