Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figure SUPER NINJA LEO (Wave 18)

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Brand: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Age Group: 4+

Turtles Action Figures (Wave 18)

On his Vengeful quest to rid the world of Splinter and the Turtles, shredder forces stockman-fly to inject him with a Mega dose of Super mutagen. Mutated and completely beefed-up, Super shredder thinks he is now strong enough to destroy his enemies. Can the Super Ninja Turtles rise to the challenge and finally defeat their greatest adversary?

With the Turtle's home base in NYC, they are constantly finding faster ways to get from the streets to the roof tops. As the Turtles fight the Foot Clan, they are taking to the roof tops for a lookout or a getaway. With their new Spyline backpacks, they are able to shoot a line to the roof of any building and zip up to the top in no time! The new Spyline Turtles are quick on their feet and now even quicker in their extreme city environment!.

Hardworking, honorable and respectful, Leonardo is the Turtles' fearless leader. Driven to be the perfect hero, Leo's inexperienced and (often) rowdy brothers sometimes get in the way of his goal.

Available Packs

  • Super Ninja Leo
  • Super Ninja Raph
  • Super Ninja Donnie
  • Super Ninja Mikey
  • Spyline Leo
  • Leonardo

Packaging Dimensions: Length: 19 cm Height: 23 cm Width: 6 cm All measurements are approximates to the nearest 0.5cm

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