Tamagotchi Friends PINK HEART

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Brand: Tamagotchi

Age Group: 4+

Tamagotchi Friends

This fun interactive virtual friend will grow and develop differently depending on how well you look after it. Once your Tamagotchi egg has hatched, feed it food when it is hungry, give it medicine when it is sick, and play games to earn Gotchi points. The Tamagotchi Digital Friend includes a range of characters, five games, pause function, on-off sound, and will interact with the Tamagotchi Friends website.

  • Incorporates a short-range communication function, a technology similar to that found in smartphones, so you can 'bump' your Tamagotchi with other Tamagotchis (maximum five bump connections per day).
  • Send and receive text messages up to 24 characters in length via the 'bump' function.
  • Comes loaded with three games and you can unlock two more when you have reached the halfway mark of the Best Friend meter or collected 30 jewellery items.
  • Set the time, date, and your birthday on your Tamagotchi and it will recognise special dates in the year, such as Christmas Day.
  • Fashionable designs for another generation of Tamagotchi fans.
  • Includes sound on/off function plus pause/resume play option.

Key Features:-

  • The worldwide virtual friend phenomenon Tamagotchi is back!
  • Grows differently depending on how well you look after it
  • Choose from a range of characters and play five fun games
  • Bump with your friends to share messages and gifts
  • Available in six fashionable designs for the next generation

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