Talking Moshi Monster- Poppet

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Brand: Moshi Monsters

Age Group: 4+

Talking Moshi Monsters

A Collection of six talking Moshi Monsters, including an official Adoption Certificate and secret code for free in game items. Picture shows group shot, but sold separately.

What is a Moshi Monster, does it bite or scratch or frighten you, the answer is no, well these don’t. They are very friendly and loveable that is if you look after them properly. If you like Moshi Monsters but haven’t got a lot of time to look after them then these talking toys are just the thing for you. You don’t have to feed them, walk them or wash them and each character comes with an official adoption certificate and a secret code for in game items. If you press their tummy they say various phrases and laugh and giggle.

In the first wave release we have Moshi Katsuma, Luvli and Furi Talking plush characters.

Luvlis really love fashion and going out shopping, just like you, and can get stroppy and very bossy if they don't get their own way. Height 23cm

Furis are shaped like a cross between a Yeti (abominable snowman) and Chewbacca and are gentle giants. Although they are very strong they are also very gentle. Height 23cm

Katsumas appear to be very tough and confident on the outside but when you get to know them they are very soft and friendly. Height 23cm

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