Sylvanian Families Celebration Cat Family

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Brand: Sylvanian Families

Age Group: 3+

Celebration Cat Family

Father Alonzo Macavity as a child, wanted to be a dentist, but hated the sound of the dentist’s drill. Strange that he has ended up being the master builder in Sylvania.

Mother Cassandra Macavity is a bit of a stargazer and loves looking into the future. At the moment she is trying to ‘see’ what she will be making for the families’ dinner tonight!

Older Brother Mistoffelees Macavity has spent his youth practicing magical conjuring tricks which he now enthralls his younger brother and sisters with. They all just love his ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ as the vase of flowers disappears into thin air!

Older Sister Grizabella Macavity takes pride in her appearance, always dressed and groomed to perfection. She lists among her favourite things, clothes shopping, visiting the beauty salon and catching up on her beauty sleep.

Brother Rumpus Macavity when allowed, loves helping his father. However he is very mischievous and once actually got stuck in a cavity wall that his father was building.

Sister Asparagus Macavity has been taking cookery lessons and would like to end up being a master chef. She has read all the best books on cookery and is now giving her mummy useful tips!

Baby Skimble Macavity loves chattering away to herself. However at her young age, nobody can understand quite what she is saying!


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