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Wooden Construction Series from Pintoy

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Here on our Pintoy Construction shelf you will find all the wooden toys you will need to play at being a builder or a road builder or even a demolition expert. All of the wooden toys on this shelf are extremely robust and virtually indestructible; do you want to make sure? What would you like to do today maybe build a tower? Well that’s easy because on this shelf you will find all the equipment you need.

We have a bulldozer to knock down any old buildings, then load any rubble onto the Dumper and transport it off to the tip. When you come back climb into the Digger and you are all ready to excavate the foundations, away you go because you have a deadline to meet. If you are building a skyscraper you will need the crane to haul all your materials up as you climb higher and higher, I hope you have a head for heights.

Perhaps you would prefer to be a road builder, no problem. The Digger will dig out your foundations and when you have laid down the materials for your road the Road Roller will role them flat and even, ready for your toy cars to run on. Together with the construction workers to help you, will soon complete your building projects. Job done!

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