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Forget about your computer, DS or PlayStation games; transport yourself back to an age when knights were bold, damsels were beautiful and marauding invaders ensured life was never dull or boring. Take a look at the spectacular Pintoy Wooden Castle, which mimics some of the castles that can be found in all parts of Britain. Prepare to enter the heraldic world of long ago, sounds to me like a good way to spend a wet and miserable day.

The castle is manufactured from wood and is extremely sturdy and will stand up to any amount of rough play, well what do you expect from a handsome medieval knight. This castle is quite easy to assemble but will require dad’s help. It consists of 4 towers, 2 of which are square and 2 octagonal all of which are pre-assembled as is the drawbridge. To construct the castle all that you need to do is to push each section together. This is where you need your dad, as it requires a lot of pressure to fit the wooden dowels into the corresponding holes. Once fitted together the castle remains solid and needs no adhesive.

The castle can be fitted together in various ways but I am sure that you will prefer the 4 cornered version. Inside each tower and wall are platforms on which you can stand your troops or transport them on ladders to other parts of the castle to fight off the approaching enemy, but they have to get over the drawbridge first so turn the handle and raise it up quickly.

You will also find on this shelf a Wooden Castle Extension. This is designed to fit onto your Wooden Castle and so extend the layout for more play value.

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