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Teeny Little Families

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Kings and Queens of recycling these teeny, tiny little family creatures make good use of left over bits and bobs and make everything they own from unwanted rubbish. If you look closely enough you will find families of them at the bottom of your garden, be careful not to disturb them though, or even tread on them as they are so small!

With excellent workmanship they have managed to create all they need, from Happy Homes such as Cola Cottage or the Clock house, to a Flower Garden Cafe, Shops, and fun parks. Whether they want to stay at home or go out for the day their magical world delivers everything for them.

Many different teeny little families are available including:

You also need to be introduced to the latest families to move into the area. Meet the Huggie family of Bears who reside at Cupcake cottage where they make oodles of buns. The there is the Rocky family of Raccoons to be found at the Music Mansion listening to their MP3 music, and the sheep family, The Shearers, are at Lullaby Lodge as they gently rock baby shearer to sleep. Hippos from the Potter family reside in Perfume Place which is shaped just like a perfume bottle. All living harmoniously together in a secret tiny world that is ripe for exploring. Perfect for small hands and pockets, this gang can go all over with you. Select from the range of accessories and playsets brought to you from Vivid Imaginations. Love them, protect them, collect them!

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