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Schleich Smurfs Models

Baby Smurf Baby Smurf £4.90 Free Delivery Bride & Groom Smurf Bride & Groom Smurf £6.99 Free Delivery Bride Smurfette Bride Smurfette £6.90 Free Delivery Bridegroom Smurf Bridegroom Smurf £6.90 Free Delivery Clumsy Smurf Clumsy Smurf £4.00 Free Delivery Film Producer Smurf Film Producer Smurf £4.00 Free Delivery Guardian Angel Smurfette Guardian Angel Smurfette £6.90 Free Delivery Jungle Brainy Smurf Jungle Brainy Smurf £6.99 Free Delivery Jungle Papa Smurf Jungle Papa Smurf £6.60 Free Delivery Jungle Smurf, Explorer Jungle Smurf, Explorer £6.60 Free Delivery Jungle Smurf, Native Jungle Smurf, Native £6.60 Free Delivery Jungle Smurf, Tired Jungle Smurf, Tired £2.69 SPECIAL OFFER Free Delivery

Head out on a Smurffin adventure with the Schleich Smurf figures.

That’s right, these little blue critters have now made it onto Schleich’s huge range of figurines! There are literally dozens of different Smurf figures to choose from, do you think you’ll collect them all?

At the top of the pile is Papa Smurf, everyone looks up to this adorable character and how could you resist with that adorable red hat and thick white beard. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people called him santa!

Next we have Gargamel, the evil character in the Smurf world who tries to capture our tiny blue friends. The rest of the Smurfs will have to be on the ball if you add this figure to your collection!

With this enormous range and variation of Schleich Smurf figures you won’t know where to start! .

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