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Schleich Peanuts Figures

Belle, Holding A Heart Keychain Belle, Holding A Heart Keychain £4.99 Free Delivery Charlie Brown Charlie Brown £4.99 Free Delivery Franklin Franklin £5.99 Free Delivery Joe Cool Keychain Joe Cool Keychain £6.49 Free Delivery Lucy Lucy £5.99 Free Delivery Lucy & Schroeder Lucy & Schroeder £13.99 Free Delivery Sally Sally £5.99 Free Delivery Scenery Pack Baseball Scenery Pack Baseball £13.99 Free Delivery Scenery Pack Snoopy's Siblings Scenery Pack Snoopy's Siblings £6.99 Free Delivery Snoopy Keychain Snoopy Keychain £6.99 Free Delivery Snoopy with I Love You Sign Snoopy with I Love You Sign £9.96 Free Delivery Snoopy with Woodstock Snoopy with Woodstock £5.99 Free Delivery

A collection of character figures from Peanuts, a famous cartoon TV Show and newspaper comic strip. Also known by some as Charlie Brown, the name of the main character.

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