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Andalusian Mare Andalusian Mare £8.90 Free Delivery Andalusian Stallion Andalusian Stallion £8.99 Free Delivery Appaloosa Horse Family Appaloosa Horse Family £6.99 Free Delivery Arab Mare with Blanket Arab Mare with Blanket £9.99 Free Delivery Arabian Horse Family Arabian Horse Family £5.30 Free Delivery Ardennes Foal Ardennes Foal £6.95 Free Delivery Big Horse Show Playset Big Horse Show Playset £43.50 Free Delivery Big Horse Show With Horse Big Horse Show With Horse £57.99 Free Delivery Blanket & Halter Blanket & Halter £5.90 Free Delivery Clydesdale Foal Clydesdale Foal £6.99 Free Delivery Clydesdale Gelding Clydesdale Gelding £8.75 Free Delivery Clydesdale Mare Clydesdale Mare £8.50 Free Delivery

Here at World Wide Shopping Mall we have a huge selection of Schleich Horses that are perfect for both young horse fanatics and adult Schleich collectors.

Schleich is well known for their great attention to detail and wide product range. They certainly haven’t missed the mark when creating this selection, as there is such a wide variety of horse breeds with accurate colour markings and form.

The Frisian Stallion is one of our favourite Schleich Horses from the Farm Life collection. With the thick tail and long dark mane this beautiful horse certainly has a confident trot. In complete contrast is the Lipizzaner Stallion, which shows off the grey coat with beautiful white mane and tail.

Why not equip your favourite Schleich horse with one of the accessories that’s available. The Vaulting set is a great extra which transforms a horse figure into an acrobatic performance. The rider is held in a dangerous position that is sure to wow the crowd! .

A selection of Top Brands available to buy online or instore