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Battle Arena Battle Arena £44.99 Free Delivery Battle Arena With Accessories Battle Arena With Accessories £47.99 Free Delivery Catapult Catapult £12.99 Free Delivery Dragon Battering Ram Dragon Battering Ram £14.99 Free Delivery Dragon Diver Dragon Diver £14.99 Free Delivery Dragon Knight Spy Shabarok Dragon Knight Spy Shabarok £7.66 Free Delivery Dragon Knight Xyrok Dragon Knight Xyrok £10.99 Free Delivery Dragon Warrior Dragon Warrior £14.99 Free Delivery Griffin Knight Berikay Griffin Knight Berikay £10.99 Free Delivery Griffin Knight Spy Melicay Griffin Knight Spy Melicay £8.95 Free Delivery Net Cannon Net Cannon £12.99 Free Delivery Poisonous Blood Viper Poisonous Blood Viper £7.99 Free Delivery

Eldrador is a legendary world of knights. The castle of the dark Dragon Knights is situated amidst fiery volcanoes. A mighty dragon flies around its walls. On its back is a rider in black and red armour: the dragon rider Portok. Heavily armed knights, mysterious magicians and strange beasts fight for this order. They all have but one goal: to defeat the Griffin Knights once and for all.

Schleich Eldrador focuses on bringing an immersive fantasy world to life, with hand painted models and an interesting backstory.


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