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Bernese Mountain Dog Family Bernese Mountain Dog Family £4.99 Free Delivery Border Collie Border Collie £5.99 Free Delivery Dalmatian Male Dalmatian Male £5.99 Free Delivery Dalmatian Puppy Dalmatian Puppy £4.97 Free Delivery Dog Kennel Dog Kennel £15.99 Free Delivery French Bulldog French Bulldog £4.50 Free Delivery Golden Retriever Family Golden Retriever Family £3.99 Free Delivery Husky Husky £5.50 Free Delivery Husky Male Husky Male £3.34 Labrador Retriever Female Labrador Retriever Female £5.99 Free Delivery Mongrel, Playing Mongrel, Playing £3.34 Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier £4.99 Free Delivery

The Schleich dogs range cover a great variety of the most famous, adorable and common breeds that are out there.

Choose from the brave St Bernard, the helpful Golden Retriever, or a playful husky puppy. There is so much to choose from here on the Schleich Dogs shelf.

Some of our customer favourites are the spotty Dalmatian Puppy, and how could you resist with that adorable spotty face! Another popular dog figure is the little female Pug, probably due to the amount of celebrities that carry one around in their handbag!

Dog figures from Schleich are a perfect way to introduce any youngster into the world of Schleich collecting.

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