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Schleich World of Fantasy: Bayala - Playsets & Accessories

Bayala Enchanted Flower Balloon Bayala Enchanted Flower Balloon £25.99 Free Delivery Guest House for Elf Visitors Guest House for Elf Visitors £19.70 Free Delivery Magic Elf Castle with Accessories Magic Elf Castle with Accessories £89.99 Free Delivery Schleich Elf parlour Schleich Elf parlour £9.90 Free Delivery Star Sign Tattoos Star Sign Tattoos £1.35 SPECIAL OFFER Free Delivery Telescope Telescope £1.67 SPECIAL OFFER Free Delivery Unicorn & Pegasus Jewellery Set Unicorn & Pegasus Jewellery Set £4.99 Free Delivery Unicorn & Pegasus Stable Unicorn & Pegasus Stable £23.99 Free Delivery

Disappear into the Fantasy world of Bayala with these Schleich Toy figures. Whether you're an adult collector or a youngster who loves to explore your imagination you will find the set both exciting and enchanting.

Step into a world of Schleich Bayala where Dragons, elves and other mythical creatures actually live. Take a trip across the lake with the Elf Boat, or play with the youngsters on the magical Elf Swing.

Each Bayala Elf is related to a different plant or flower, such as Fine Daffodil, Lily-Like or Chestnut. Go and say hello, they will be a little shy at first but they'll be so happy to meet you!

If you prefer the four-legged creatures then Schleich have that covered too as there are Horses, Unicorns, Dragons and more! The world of Fantasy has never been so exciting thanks to Schleich Bayala.

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