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Admiral Nelson's Flagship, Battle of Trafalgar Gift Set (Level 4) (Scale 1:225) Admiral Nelson's Flagship, Battle of Trafalgar Gift Set (Level 4) (Scale 1:225) £24.99 Free Delivery Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin £12.99 Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Enterprise Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Enterprise £6.33 Alexander v Humboldt Alexander v Humboldt £17.99 Battleship Bismarck Battleship Bismarck £56.99 Free Delivery Battleship H.M.S. King George V Battleship H.M.S. King George V £11.99 Battleship Scharnhorst (Scale 1:1200) Battleship Scharnhorst (Scale 1:1200) £11.99 Free Delivery Bismarck Bismarck £11.99 Free Delivery Black Pearl Black Pearl £82.99 Free Delivery Cruiser Blucher Cruiser Blucher £8.99 Cruiser Prinz Eugen Cruiser Prinz Eugen £8.99 Cutty Sark (Level 5) (Scale 1:96) Cutty Sark (Level 5) (Scale 1:96) £37.99 Free Delivery

Naval warfare is far richer in history than aviation, and somehow seems more interesting then ground attacks – probably due to the mythical nature of the sea. War on the sea goes back hundreds, even thousands of years. A great example of this is the Viking long boats, or ‘dragons’ as they were called.

Revell have created a wide variety of naval warships, merchant vessels and submarines that date back to the 15th century with the Santa Maria. This ship was used by Christopher Columbus as the flagship vessel of his 1492 exploration.

Step forward a few hundred years and we hit the mechanical era, when war on the seas was with shells and torpedoes – pretty much as it is today. The Bismarck (5040) is one example of a World War 2 battleship. This was one of the largest warships in Germany’s naval fleet, but thankfully it only had a short life and sank in 1941, one year after the commissioning.

On this shelf you will also find the notorious German submarines, or ‘U-Boats’ as they were often called. Through the Second World War these submarines would search the Atlantic for merchant ships on route to England, and then destroy them to try and suffocate the British supplies. Known as the ‘Grey Wolves’ of the Atlantic as they would often hunt in packs.

Revell re-produce these historical ships in great detail, perfect for amateur modellers to serious enthusiasts.

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