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Revell Junior Kit Model Sets

Ambulance (Level 1) (Scale 1:20) Ambulance (Level 1) (Scale 1:20) £22.99 Free Delivery Black Racing Car (Level 1) (Scale 1:20) Black Racing Car (Level 1) (Scale 1:20) £12.95 Free Delivery Cruz Ramirez Cruz Ramirez £23.72 Free Delivery Delivery Van & Driver (Scale 1:20) Delivery Van & Driver (Scale 1:20) £25.99 Free Delivery Female Civilian Figure Female Civilian Figure £7.50 Free Delivery Female Doctor Figure Female Doctor Figure £7.50 Free Delivery Fire Truck with Fireman Figure (Scale 1:20) Fire Truck with Fireman Figure (Scale 1:20) £23.99 Free Delivery Garbage Truck (Scale 1:20) Garbage Truck (Scale 1:20) £23.20 Free Delivery Jackson Storm Jackson Storm £23.80 Free Delivery Lightning McQueen Lightning McQueen £23.99 Free Delivery Male Civilian Figure Male Civilian Figure £7.50 Free Delivery Male Doctor Figure Male Doctor Figure £7.50 Free Delivery

Revell Junior Kits are developmental construction models that engage kids in a way that ordinary toys, electronics or games can't. These click together model sets will engage the minds of children and the simple easy-to-follow instructions means that they can build their first models without frustration. Once the kit is complete, these models can be played with too!

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