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Revell Historic Tanks and Military Vehicle Models

A34 Comet A34 Comet £6.33 British 4x4 Off-Road Vehicle Series III (109/LWB) (Scale 1:35) British 4x4 Off-Road Vehicle Series III (109/LWB) (Scale 1:35) £12.99 Free Delivery Challenger 1 Tank Challenger 1 Tank £11.66 Free Delivery German Staff Car G4 German Staff Car G4 £17.99 Free Delivery German Staff Car Type 82 "Kuebelwagen" German Staff Car Type 82 "Kuebelwagen" £12.90 Free Delivery German Truck Type 2,5-32 (Level 5) (Scale 1:35) German Truck Type 2,5-32 (Level 5) (Scale 1:35) £16.99 Free Delivery Leopard 1A1 (Level 4) (Scale 1:35) Leopard 1A1 (Level 4) (Scale 1:35) £25.99 Free Delivery Leopard 1A5 + Biber Leopard 1A5 + Biber £18.99 Free Delivery LKW 5t. Mil gl LKW 5t. Mil gl £22.90 Free Delivery LKW gl (4x4 Truck) LKW gl (4x4 Truck) £13.80 Free Delivery M109 G M109 G £12.45 Free Delivery M16 Halftrack M16 Halftrack £9.19 Free Delivery

Tanks have been one of the key military vehicles on a battlefield ever since their introduction in the First World War. They are designed for use on the front line, so it’s obviously prepared with strong armour and a range of heavy weapons; the most obvious been the large revolving turret on the front which can fire 100mm+ shells, depending on the model and variation.

The Tank has been used in nearly all serious wars since WW1; the combination of heavy armour, strong attack and manoeuvrability makes this vehicle highly effective when advancing towards the enemy.

Revell produce model kits from all eras of the military tank’s history. One of our favourites is the A34 Comet tank, which Revell stock in 1:76 scale. It was used during WW2 and the start of the Cold War by the British forces, but was taken out of service in 1958.

The Tiger 2 is another key tank of the Second World War. It was used by the Germans in the final few years of the war, but due to the heavy build and large engine it used up a lot of fuel which was hard to source once the Allies had destroyed many of the fuel storage facilities.

Build up a small piece of engineering and warfare history with Revell and this selection of tanks and military vehicles.

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