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Schleich World of History Prehistoric Animals - Dinosaurs

Acroanthosaurus Acroanthosaurus £14.99 Free Delivery Allosaurus Allosaurus £13.90 Free Delivery Anhanguera Anhanguera £10.99 Free Delivery Barapasaurus Barapasaurus £15.99 Free Delivery Brachiosaurus Brachiosaurus £15.99 Free Delivery Carnotaurus Carnotaurus £13.99 Free Delivery Carnotaurus Carnotaurus £13.94 Free Delivery Dilophosaurus Dilophosaurus £12.99 Free Delivery Dimetrodon Dimetrodon £10.99 Free Delivery Dimorphodon & Therinizosaurus, Small Dimorphodon & Therinizosaurus, Small £12.99 Free Delivery Dinogorgon Dinogorgon £8.57 Free Delivery Dinosaur Set With Cave Dinosaur Set With Cave £40.99 Free Delivery

Take a leap back in time with Schleich and these Prehistoric Dinosaur figures.

Schleich have created a great range of these pre-historic beasts perfect for both young Dinosaur fanatics and serious Schleich collectors, so hold on tight and get ready for a journey travelling back over 160 million years!

One of our favourites has to be the Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the largest creatures that ever walked the planet. Although we see them as a very veracious Dinosaur, experts believe that they weren’t very good hunters – often scavenging on the food left by others. This 1:40 scale model even has a working jaw, which really opens and closes!

Another favourite of ours is the enormous Brachiosaurus. Its long neck and somewhat subtle appearance makes it look quite gentle. The 1:40 scale version from Schleich shows great detail in these characteristics, making it one of our customer’s favourites too!

There are two different scales within this Schleich Dinosaur shelf, 1:20 and 1:40. Each one packs in the detail of each individual Dinosaur it’s just the size that’s different. For example, the smaller Velociraptor is 6.5cm tall, where as the larger is 10cm. Which one will you go for?

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