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Playmobil Special

Alien Warrior with T-Rex Trap Alien Warrior with T-Rex Trap £13.99 Free Delivery Angel & Devil Angel & Devil £5.55 Free Delivery Architect with Planning Table Architect with Planning Table £5.99 Free Delivery Baby Donkey Keyring Baby Donkey Keyring £5.99 Free Delivery Biker with Motorcycle Biker with Motorcycle £7.00 Blade Warrior Blade Warrior £5.99 Free Delivery Border Collies with Puppies Border Collies with Puppies £9.99 Free Delivery Carry Case Shop Carry Case Shop £17.99 Free Delivery Celestial Flying Disk with Alien Figure Celestial Flying Disk with Alien Figure £14.49 Free Delivery Children Seesaw Bowl Children Seesaw Bowl £3.02 Cosmic Flying Disk with Astronaut Figure Cosmic Flying Disk with Astronaut Figure £14.49 Free Delivery Dalmations with Puppies Dalmations with Puppies £7.99 Free Delivery

There is an assortment of Playmobil figures and mini sets within the Specials shelf here at World Wide Shopping Mall. From the magical ocean fairies to the fire rescue squad, they’re all here!

Did you know that the first figures were developed back in 1974? They are only 7.5 cm tall but these little fellows have literally taken over the world. To date almost a whopping 2.1 billion of them have been made and shipped across the world for children to enjoy!

These figures come from an assortment of different scenes. Take the ‘Castle Guard’ (4611), he’s a perfect extra for a variety of different sets across the Playmobil range. The ‘Fire Rescue Squad Duo Pack’ (4914) is a must have for your miniature city. They will protect your characters, and maybe even rescue cats from trees!

The Specials shelf also has a fantastic selection of gift eggs. These include a special surprise, ranging from a fairy, Mongolian warrior, ghost pirate or scientist with baby dinosaur.

A selection of Top Brands available to buy online or instore