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Playmobil Police

Bank with Safe Bank with Safe £41.97 Fire Fighting Helicopter Fire Fighting Helicopter £25.50 Free Delivery My Secret Play Box Police Station My Secret Play Box Police Station £19.99 Free Delivery Police Car with Flashing Light Police Car with Flashing Light £29.99 Free Delivery Police Station with Alarm System Police Station with Alarm System £62.15 SPECIAL OFFER Free Delivery Police Team Duo Pack Police Team Duo Pack £7.99 Free Delivery RC Police Car with Camera RC Police Car with Camera £80.99 Free Delivery

Any wrong doing in your Playmobil town will soon be sorted with this Police range. With a vehicle for any terrain, criminals won’t be able to stay away from the police for long. With a Quad bike for sandy beaches, a Helicopter for the Air, A Motorbike and car for roads and a police Van for a quick lock up. Then once you’ve caught the criminals, send them to prison with the Police station and Jail cell, with lockable doors.

Alarm at the Police Headquarters: gangsters are trying to steal the valuable King’s crown from the museum! With flashing lights the Patrol Car and Motorcycle Police set off. The Police Copter is already circling over the crime scene. Immediately the policeman is hoisted down on the Police Copter working winch. Quickly he reports: “It’s the Jewel Thieves! The alarm function of the crowns showcase has stopped them in their tracks. Arrest the thieves at once!” Soon the thieves are questioned in the interrogation room of the Police Headquarters and thrown into the jail cell. The policemen are off to assist the Police with Thief. What will happen in the Police Headquarters – will the prisoners discover the breakaway wall and window in their cell?

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