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Playmobil Egyptians

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The Egyptians wait excitedly at the giant Pyramid. The Pharaoh's coming today! "There is his Royal Ship of Egypt" calls the high priest. Immediately the soldiers carry the Pharaoh in his palanquin past the Sphinx with Mummy to the Pharaoh's Temple, now the ceremony can begin!

What's going on at the Pyramid? "It's got to be here! Soon we will have lots of rich prizes to hide at the Tomb with Treasures!" whispers the tomb raider. Unfortunately, they didn't realize that the Pyramid has hidden traps, suddenly the ground drops away and they skid down a slide. "Tomb Raiders" shouts the Pharaoh, as he jumps into his Egyptian Chariot and starts chasing the fugitives. Without delay the Egyptian Soldiers also start chasing the Two Robbers with Camels and the Robber with Horse. Will the soldiers get the Pharaoh's treasure back?

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