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Playmobil Airport

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Mother and child are excitedly looking down from the Airline Terminals visitor gallery: The Jet Plane they’ll take to fly to their holiday resort is being loaded! The barrier of the Cargo Zone with Forklift opens and the Cargo Crew rush out. With the working hand lift it’s easy to lift the cargo box into the storage area! “Look, Mum, there’s our luggage!” the child exclaims. Is the horse really going to fly, too? Sure! There is enough space in the Jet Plane for the Horse Cargo and the Passenger with Dog Cargo. “Quick!” Mum says, “We have to hurry to the gate!” “They are calling out our flight!” They have scarcely boarded when the Follow me vehicle arrives to guide the Jet Plane to its runway. Take-off! Quickly it rises higher and higher until it finally disappears in the distance above the Airport Tower with flashing Light.

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