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Butterfly The Bunny Butterfly The Bunny £7.95 Free Delivery Cerberus Cerberus £6.99 Free Delivery Crocodile Mutant Crocodile Mutant £10.99 Free Delivery Dragon King with Sword Dragon King with Sword £7.95 Free Delivery Dragon Mutant Dragon Mutant £10.99 Free Delivery Dragon of Darkness Dragon of Darkness £17.99 Free Delivery Elf Child Elf Child £5.09 Elf Knight Elf Knight £3.85 SPECIAL OFFER Free Delivery Emerald Two-Headed Dragon Emerald Two-Headed Dragon £14.99 Free Delivery Enchanted World Ice Queen Pink Collectors Box Set Enchanted World Ice Queen Pink Collectors Box Set £13.99 Free Delivery Faceless Horseman Faceless Horseman £6.99 Free Delivery Fantasy Black Horse Fantasy Black Horse £6.99 Free Delivery

Welcome to our PAPO Tales & Legends shelf. If you are a person who loves monsters and figures from fairy-tale and legend then you will be sure to find what you want on this shelf. Make your choice from colourful fire-breathing dragons, fantasy warriors on horseback even dragons on horseback, now that is the stuff of legend. How about a Minotaur, a three headed dog or a two -headed dragon? The choice is truly endless and you will never run out of ideas for adventure.

Why not begin your collection with Mutant Castle, a truly magnificent castle and the perfect home for your future collection of PAPO figures from Tales & Legends.


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