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PAPO Cat & Dog Companions

Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd £6.99 Free Delivery Border Collie Border Collie £4.99 Free Delivery Boxer Boxer £5.10 Free Delivery Dachshund Dachshund £5.99 Free Delivery German Shepherd German Shepherd £5.35 Free Delivery Golden Retriever Golden Retriever £5.99 Free Delivery Great Dane Great Dane £7.99 Free Delivery Kittens Playing Kittens Playing £6.99 Free Delivery Labrador Labrador £5.20 Free Delivery Neapolitan Mastiff Neapolitan Mastiff £6.99 Free Delivery Persian Cat, White Persian Cat, White £5.04 Free Delivery Siamese Cat Siamese Cat £4.90

Discover the world of Papo Cat & Dog Companion Figures.

Here at WWSM we are proud to expand our range of PAPO figures. On this shelf you will find an assortment of Feline & Canine companions including the friendly Saint Bernard, the wrinkly Neapolitan Mastiff, the powerful Greyhound, the desirable fluffy white Persian and the elusive Chatreux.

These figures are perfect for any dog lover and will be a great addition to any PAPO collection. Each figure is intricately hand painted, providing an astonishing level of detail making these figures even more realistic.

Whether you collect the PAPO figures to display or to play, there's a figure that everyone will love - which one will you choose today?

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