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Ocean In My Pocket

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Take a look at In My Pocket friends from the Ocean. Deep in the sea, by the beautiful Coral Reef, live the animals of Paradise Cove, they are a truly amazing assortment of bright and colourful creatures just waiting for you to come and play. Choose from the collectable packs of Animal & Newborns or accessory playsets, including Turtle Hut and Surf Shack.

Let’s see what wonderful underwater wildlife you may find in your Paradise Cove Collectable Pack, could it be Tess the Dolphin, Ollie the Octopus, Teaser the Marine Turtle, Cleopatra the Killer Whale, Trotter the Sea Horse, Nikita the Hammerhead Shark, Jiggles the Jellyfish, Marvin the Mantee, Peekaboo the Clam, Snapper the Lobster, Arnie the Elephant Seal, Smithers the Crab, Dylan the Stingray, Cheeks the Puffer Fish, Pepper the Porpoise, Hilary the Squid, Jesse the Cuttlefish, Coraline the Shrimp, Laureline the Angel Fish, Belinda the Butterfly Fish, Remo the Swordfish, Clinger the Starfish, Jezebel the Blue Shark or Samuel the Whale. And remember with each of these In My Pocket pets you receive a poster card which, when all 12 are collected, then makes a magical scene from Paradise Cove

There's always something exciting to do in Paradise Cove so dive in and take a look around, we’re sure you'll have a splashing time!

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