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Nerf & Xploderz

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Nerf is a fantastic range of toy weaponry brought to you by Hasbro. They fire safe darts made out of ‘Nerf Foam’, a spongy cellular material, ensuring a safe play environment.

The most popular product on this shelf has to be the Nerf N-Strike Maverick, an affordable mid-range blaster that is able to deliver quick firing rounds with its rotating barrel. This product comes with a set of whistler darts so you’re ready to go straight from the box!

For those stealth missions you will need the Nerf Deploy CS-6, a weapon complete with flashlight, carry strap, tactical rail and reload clip. Everything a soldier needs for those extra special assignments!

If you want something a little more serious than maybe you would want the Xranger 1075 from Xploderz. This gun shoots non-toxic, super safe ammunition ensuring no mess! You can fire them up to a whopping 85 feet!

Both Nerf and Xploderz come with an array of extras like the extra ammo packs and clip refill systems ensuring that you are always ready for battle!

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